Location Sound Insights with Michael Tierno


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I had the awesome opportunity to interview Michael Tierno, author of the book, "Location and Postproduction Sound for Low-Budget Filmmakers".

Check out the interview and share the link:

Michael Tierno shares his Top 3 Audio Tips. These were the tips he shared at the time that I asked ;)

Tip #1:
Location sound recording is not a passive activity. Every set up requires individual attention and focus and tweaking and practice. Have the goals of clean, even, on axis dialogue recorded with strong signal to noise ratio without dialogue being ruined by extraneous noise either from the boom, walking, rustling, traffic, or anything else. Try to emulate sound you’d record in an isolation booth as much as possible.

Tip #2: Post-production sound is a whole other post-production process, just like picture editing. I see too many students work like dogs to get their film edited, and the day before a screening they turn to sound. Give sound a protracted period in post-production to get it right. At least half as much time as you give picture editing.

Tip #3: And learn how to organize for the sound production and post-production process; it’s essential.

You can order a copy of his book, "Location and Postproduction Sound for Low-Budget Filmmakers", here: