Let's Build The Internet's Pixar

Hi, I'm Evan and I have been noticing things lately.

When you think of the Internet, you think of:
• Conspiracy Sites
• Porn
• Crowdfunding Sites
• YouTube
• Music Videos
• Funny web shows
• Celebrity Gossip
• Facebook
• And the list goes on and on. . .

However, one thing about Internet entertainment (especially in animation) is that while it's enjoyable, it never feels like it was professionally right. It always seem like this jarred one-minute one-liner (sometimes with high-pitched voices).
I personally enjoy them but we can do better. And we will.

Hi, I'm Evan Wilder and I work with E.Wil Animation Entertainment.
Our mission is to become The Internet's Pixar.

First, we're starting with concrete and captivating writing and that requires talented and professionally creative writers. This can be you.

We are working on three short animated webshows and we will be expanding into even more animated projects this production cycle. You can be a part of this. Join E.Wil Animation Entertainment as you work in a professionally creative atmosphere from anywhere in the world.
Are you:
Able To Get The Job Done Quickly and Efficiently
Knowledgeable with Screenwriting
Able To Face Problems Quickly, Responsibly, and With A Team

Great! Go on ahead and contact us at:
PHONE: (313) 587-0330
E-MAIL: ewilentertains@yahoo.com
The tasks that you will be handling as a writer with E.Wil Entertainment will be:
• Meet at writer's meetings or forums as we discuss the creative direction of the show for the season and as a whole.
• Be assigned to write a few episodes for one or a couple of shows and be compensated for them.
• Maintain a close dialogue with the production crew throughout the development of your episode.

Kim Welch

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Staff member
I don't think those things when I think about internet. And, I have seen really excellent created for web animation that is completely off the hook awesome in every aspect. When I think of the internet I think more of something along the lines of the most world changing thing still evolving and in development that has happened in the world since Christ. I think second to him the Internet is the by far the most revolutionary advancement that has connected the people of every color to each other and it's implications and impact are still and may never be fully understood. When I think of the internet I think of the people on the planet being more strongly connected, learning, living and working together.