Learn all crafts of filmmaking,viz. screenwriting,direction,producing,cinematography!


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If you wish to pursue your career in Filmmaking there's a great news for you,
you can pursue a Certified Course from a recognised institute and learn Film-making and various aspects in it continuing your present life..

As now Whistling Woods International has taken education to next level by introducing Online Film-making course through virtual academy, WWI Virtual Academy offers a one year online foundation course in Filmmaking. Designed by experts and divided into 9 modules, this course will help students understand the basics of all crafts of filmmaking, viz. screenwriting, direction, producing, cinematography, editing and sound design.

Whistling Woods International founded by one of India's leading filmmakers - Subhash Ghai - and promoted by Mukta Arts Limited, Whistling Woods International(WWI) is Asia's largest Film, Television, Animation and Media Arts institute, providing world-class education in all technical and creative aspects of filmmaking and television.

If you wish to know more about the course & institute click on the link below :

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I would rather do face to face classes with instructors where I can get my hands on equipment meet other people face to face and interact in a natural unhindered way.