Keeping Color While Overexposing


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I am about to shoot a student project on 35 with 5219. I have a scene inside a home that takes place as the sun is setting. I want to create some light coming through the window as if it was orange light coming from the sun. I have a couple of 1.2k HMI's and will throw on 1/2 CTO to get my look.

I want it to feel hot like its the sun but I want to retain that orange hue what should I do? I usually don't bother metering highlights and let them go, but this is for effects when the sunlight is midday and is super strong. For this piece I don't want my light going 4-5 stops over because it will turn white.

I am thinking of letting it go around 2 stops, but can I go even higher like 2 1/2 or 3 and still retain some color?
It's just a matter of degree, the hotter the light is, the more the color disappears.

Besides, usually as the sun sets, it gets dimmer. I'd probably just expose it to be one-stop over, and I'd use Full CTO, or use a tungsten light in daylight balance, and fill with 1/2 blue light.