Just tried out the Azden Pro-XR- it's perfect for new video creators and filmmakers.


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I recently put together this review video for the new Azden Pro-XR. But just so we're all on the same page here- it was provided to me for free by Azden for review purposes.

It's a wireless lav that connects to smartphones, laptops and any camera with an audio jack. I'm sharing this because I really wish this existed when I was starting out, myself. And I always see "old guard" industry guys in local Facebook groups insisting that you "must" spend thousands of dollars on audio equipment because "never go cheap on audio!" But if you ask me things are changing really quickly in this industry. And much like how good video can be captured on high-end smartphones, we're finally at a stage where good audio can be captured on inexpensive devices.

So if you're on a small budget and need a good way to get audio for your new filming project or even your daily vlog, give the Pro-XR a look.
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Yes, and I am looking forward to a new start in 2021 with our new partners and the vaccines that are going to be distributed around the world.


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I never used Azden before. I will look it up, I need to see videos with tests comparing these microphones with others.