Just moved to California


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Hey all. I don't know who all reads these but I'm just in need of some general help. I just moved to North Hollywood, California. I'm from Ohio, yes I know big move.
I've been here about two months and I am getting ancy to at least start some auditions or workshops or something. Money is tight though so I need to be picky about what shops or classes I take.
I do have some experience, I've done plenty of musicals, and I also have done a lot of voice work on the radio and commercials. I woudlin't mind an internship or job somewhere to do with film even just to get some contacts. My main objective is acting but I wouldint mind doing some voice talent as well.
If anyone has any advice for me let me know.


Dan Selakovich

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Check out LACC (Los Angeles Community College). Not only are the rates low, but actors tend to work out of there. I don't know how good a school it is, but I imagine it's just as good as the rest, plus you can make some good contacts between instructors and students, which is what you really want anyway. As for jobs, try to get one with a casting director so you can find out how things REALLY work!