just got an azden shotgun mic but.....



i have a question....when its all plugged in and workin in to my canon gl2...it only picks up audio to the left channel...what is that about...and is there anyhting i can do to make it pick it up on both sides????


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azden mic

azden mic

New to this. Hope it works.
Your microphone is probably mono. You can tell by looking at the jack and comparing it with a stereo jack if one is handy.

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If you have the XLR adapter and are plugging it in with that then I believe you can set one channel to run into both audio channels. If you're using the on-camera 1/8" jack then there's a couple things you can do:

One: If your mic is an XLR mic and you're using an adapter to go from the mic to the camera than you need to cast around for an XLR to balanced 1/8" adapter. They're a little bit tricky to come by in standard audio stores, but if you look around online you should be able to find one. (You will record the audio to both channels then, but the mix won't be truly stereo)

Two: If the mic has the 1/8" unbalanced jack as part of the assembly then you MIGHT be able to cobble together a mess of adapters that will allow you to run the unbalanced signal into a balanced jack that you can plug into the camera. The issue with this is that when you split the signal through adapters like that you can experience signal loss.

Three: Do what everybody else w/ an unbalanced Mic does. Plug it in and offline just your 1st channel of audio when you dump your video. Then take that Audio Left channel and balance it to Centered. No, you don't get a true stereo mix then, but depending on what you're doing that shouldn't matter. If getting a stereo mix is critical then you need to buy a new microphone and get one that specifically says it's stereo.

Hope this helps.

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It sounds like you need an adapter that will send the mono sound to both channels. If you are in the US, I would suggest that you call 1-800-222-4700, which is Sweetwater. I use them for all my audio needs, and in fact discovered them when I was looking for a cable, and they were the only store that I could find.

The cable cost only a few dollars, yet they gave me free shipping. And they assigned me my own salesman, so every time I call, I talk to the same person who remembers my entire audio setup. I mentioned to him that I keep coming back because when my first order was just a small cable, they paid full attention to me. He said that for a musician (they deal mostly with musicians) a cable can be the difference between being able to do something or not being able to.

So, anyway, I now recommend them to everyone and I bet they will find you a solution with probably just a simple cable or adapter that will split your mono audio signal to stereo.