just a simple question on shooting in a hospital



I want to know if there are guidelines to asking a hospital if you can borrow a room?


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Hey, I'm going to need a hospital too for some scenes that I plan on covering. Every hospital is different so you're going to have to contact the place where you want to shoot and speak to the person in charge of handling those facilities.

What resources do you have that can make this process a little easier? Do you know any med school students? nurses? A dentist office could even double for a hospital depending on what you need to shoot.

I'm not sure what type of guidelines you are looking for but a good way to start is by making sure you have all your ducks in order. Give the hospital as much detail about the shoot as possible. When do you need the room and for how long? How many people are going to be taking up space in their hospital. Will you be using any of their hospital supplies or furniture?

These things should be worked out before contacting a hospital and that way, it makes the process smoother. Doing your homework will make it easier to call them or visit them and say "Can I use your hospital on this or that day to do XYZ for such and such time?" instead of asking "I need a room. Can I use one of your hospital rooms?" because it's going to be hard for them to give you a yes or no if they don't have any idea why you need the room or what you will be doing.