JUNGLE SOFTWARE - want to buy? Gorilla Scheduling Budgeting Chimpanze StoryO Koala


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I have won a full version of Jungle Software package (www.junglesoftware.com) from film festival.
I'm a short indie film director and I don't need so professional software so I'’d like to sell it.
Is anybody interesting in?

Jungle Software bundle (original full versions, keys are unused, transfer the Gorilla license):

Gorilla Scheduling 6
Gorilla Budgeting 6

Emilia Julita
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Jared Isham

Double check your Terms of Service with the software...sometimes the versions the create for prizes aren't always full versions and prohibited from resale. If that is not the case, the software is pretty robust, lots in there.

Kim Welch

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I forgot about that. I think Gorilla is the one you have to call in to get a key to unlock it, right?


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Thank you. Full versions, that’s for sure. I talked with Jungle and Gorilla is for resale. The keys are unused. Only what I have to do is transfer the Gorilla license to another person, but it’s quick and easy process.


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Hi, I've just sold the Gorilla Scheduling and Budgeting. But Jungle reply me Chimpanzee is also transferable. If anybody want to buy it please let me know :)