Journey Through the Right Hemisphere: two girls travel without leaving the room

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Hey guys! I've made this short movie as a final project of year one at university (I'm a film student). The conditions were that we had to use sound that no dialogue and that the movie had to have some sort of source or an inspiration. I got an A- (woohoo!) but the more I look back on it the worse it looks :D It's rather hard for me to judge my own works so I would be forever grateful if you could spare a few minutes to watch it and give me some feedback.

Also, if you're interested, there's also a movie that got me into university last year. At least I can see that I've made some progress!

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They are very interesting. The first I followed and it was cute and entertaining. I didn't speak the language in the second one and I think they might have taken away some from the philosophical and poetic relationships. Good images. Interesting movement and rhythm.
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