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Howdy all,

Does anyone know of a website/book where I could get a list of all the jobs/positions in the filmmaking industry (no matter how insignificant) and what exactly is required for each job/position and what a person in that particular area does?



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smart question. this goes for any industry, a very important question to ask. because not every answer is published or advertised.


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If you just want a dictionary-like book, the following publications may cover more parts of filmmaking than what you are looking for, but they also have chapters that provide explanations about what certain jobs/positions are included when someone makes a film:

1. The Complete Film Production Handbook, Third Edition (Book & CD-ROM) by Eve Light Honthaner. Chapter 1 one this book is called "The Production Team and Who Does What". It lists jobs and responsibilities.

2. Film and Video Budgets by Michael Wiese lists a lot of the titles for film production.
It is broken down be department and above/below the line as they pertain to budgeting. While this is not exactly the dictionary on film titles or sorts, the book does give you a good idea about what different people do on film productions. I have this book and found it useful.

3. Independent Feature Film Production: A Complete Guide from Concept Through Distribution by Gregory Goodell. I did not get this book but have known some people who read it. Chapter 12 "The Production Team" Lists the jobs and titles for films as Departments and Units (Example: Producer's Unit, Director's Unit, Production Management, Cinematography, Costume Department, Grip Department, Electrical Department, etc.) and you may find it helpful. Chapter 19 covers the post-production departments.

I also read another book that was like the bible of every single position on film, but that was many years ago at this one Barnes and Noble store, that has a very, very small film section. 'Til this day, I cannot seem to remember what the book was called and thus am having some difficulty locating it (I have been wanting to purchase that book ever since and am so mad that I didn't have the money that day). I do not have the Gregory Goodell book, so maybe it was that one, but I'm not sure.

If there is a large Bookstore chain like Borders or Barnes and Noble near you, try visiting and just browsing through the books and you may come across one.


Visit a public library if you just want to find out what each film job/position does and see if they have some books that you can check out and read for a few days.


Buy a book that fits your needs. If you like it, great. If you don't, sell it to another filmmaker or online or ebay or and then use the money to buy another book that may help you.