I've got two 16mm cameras. What should I do?

George Hope

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Hello out there!
Glad to be a part of this, I just had a quick question. I have two 16mm cameras that have been sitting for a looong time. My dad bought me the first one when I was 16, a Bolex EBM with a 12v battery, 16-100mm Vario Switzar zoom-lens, 400' magazine attachment and a crystal sync control unit all for $1,500.00 in 1982. I've made a few films but nothing fancy. The quality is unreal! Incredible! The second camera is a Bolex Palliard with a FT-11676-R 18-86mm zoom lens, and haven't done much with it. Both cameras are in good condition. What could I do and is it possible to still use them even though everthing is all digital now? What sources could I go to if I need film and development? Thanks for your time! :?


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You certainly can shoot 16mm, but the cost is high compared to DV or HDV, and the grain can be a problem with the kind of compression used on DVDs or for digital broadcasts. I've been told that the BBC are taking a dim view of 16mm film for shows they broadcast digitally, for example.


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16 mm, if shot correctly, always gives you better quality then digital. All you have to do is get a good telecini of your negs...

there are not digital cameras that give you the same latitudes as film, no cameras that give you better detail in shadows like film...

film is a billion times better and Digital hasnt caught up yet. They are getting there, but having these 2 things as a difference makes film work better. And besides in post you can correct more problems with film then digital. There's more information on the negative then when you shoot something digitaly. You have to know what you want when you shoot digital. Film, light for a nutral looking environment and just place some accent lights here and there to make some places brighter, then expose for the average, then watch how much you can alter the image and still have SOOOO much more detail then digital... If I've got time I'll post some images of something that was shot digital and then something that was shot film.

16 is good digital is still working to get there... but I'm still a big fan of both.