It is my dream to make a movie called EENDAG


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"If it's your passion; if it lives in you, you HAVE to do it, and live it."

Such, if my memory serves me correctly, and it probably isn't, is the verse I read on the blackboard on the wall inside the french style coffee shoppe where I had lunch yesterday.

It had something to do with having to do something if it's living inside you. Or something.

Anyway, I knew it was speaking to me specifically.

I personally have a story living inside of me. It's a story I call EENDAG.

What is EENDAG you ask?

EENDAG is a movie series I am making.

Why make it you ask? Because the blackboard in the coffee shoppe told me so?

No my dear reader, I've known for decades now that I'd like to tell the story. We all have a story to tell and EENDAG is mine.

Now I'm not living in Hollywood or anything, and I have absolutely limited means. Some may even say I'm poor, but only as far as money is concerned. I'm rich otherwise. Especially rich in this story I have to tell.

I'll keep you updated about my quest to make it into a movie. It shall be grand!
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