Is a XP-Pen Tablet a good option for video editing?


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I've seen a couple of videos of guys that use XP-PEN Graphics Tablets to edit and wanted to know if it's easy to adapt to it or even if it's a good option. I have issues with my hands whenever I edit for a few hours straight. My fingers become numb and "stuck". It gets uncomfortable.

I was looking for affordable options to solve this and a XP-Pen Drawing Tablet could be it. Would that be okay for editing? In this case i mean edit as photoshop, after effects and premiere pro.

What do you think? Worth buying a Digital pen tablet?

Thanks in advance.

Olivia Perez

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You can use a tablet in many creative ways and it is easier to carry around in your purse than a laptop. Its weight is lighter and it fits better in smaller places. I, for one, have never tried to video edit on a tablet before, however, I would love to given the possibility. For creative projects and work, I have a laptop that I carry around at all times, even though it is heavier than a tablet.