Intimate scenes - what do I do?

Mr Taylor

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I'm not bugged by you.
I figure you are just defending what you love...normal response.

It's your life, so in the end you make the choices.

I'm not knocking love, if you think I am, then you are mistaken.

Maybe the only thing I am questioning is your ability to see things clearly once under the spell of love.

Why do you think they say that "love is blind"?

Why do you think I asked you to get a second opinion from a older trusted Female.

I'm just guessing at the outcome based on what is most likley, of course your situation may be unlikly.

The only way I could tell for sure is by talking to your GF for about half an hour and getting a estimate of her personality.

But...I have movies to sadly this is my last post on the topic.

good luck.

Kim Welch

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We are here to support and make movies

We are here to support and make movies

We are here to make movies and support others who are making movies. I think that is what God put us on earth to do, right? I am pretty sure this will work out for both people.
This forum isn't for arguing. It's for discussing film and helping everyone with their film problems. If you really want to argue do it in Private Messaging.