Infrasonic, Science Fiction, Conspiracy - new (uncut) movie


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Hi there,

after a thrilling 4-week-exhausting-shot in august, 30h of footage wait now to be cut.
i wanted to make a film mixed between "23", "Blade Runner", and "Matrix".
23: conspiracy, bladerunner: athmosphere, matrix: idea of different worlds.

- time to write the script: 1 year
- rehersal time: 3 months
- approx. lenghth: full feature
- story: wicked

- sound: special suround system for periphonic sound
- camera: Sony FX-1 HDV
- system: GNU/Linux (AGNULA) with Cinelerra 2

on the website you'll find the exposé and pictures from the footage.
if you want to read the script, just drop me a line

happy for response and critics


ps: sorry that all is german, but thank god pictures speak
the language of the universe :D