Indie record label in Sweden looking for music video makers!


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Hey students! I am the President of Spastic Records. I live in Sweden. You probably don't. I think we're equal anyway!

It said educational resource up top so I promise, this is an educational post because I am going to educate you on how little I know about what you do. That's why I need you. I'm in the music- and arts industry. I'm an adult now!

We are an independent record label in Sweden currently hiding from the internet because we don't really have time to spend here yet. We're pretty busy these days. Our families don't appreciate it but we keep telling them to hang in there. The party's coming! Anyone else have problems discussing the nature of your work and your time schedule with people who are not in the same industry? It's like trying to explain gravity to a newborn baby.

I was going to say this first but I'll do it now - FIRST OF ALL, you're all awesome and I wish I had your skills. My crew does dabble in making short videos, GIF's etc but we mostly make art, take a bunch of awesome photos and record interesting sounds when were not taking care of kids, eating, playing tennis, eating kids, playing hockey or telling each other how much we love one another (Aaaaaw!). We've started our own record label and we make some of the most insane music we've ever heard (or we wouldn't have started the record label...)

--> We need your help. <--

We have a 7" vinyl single coming out in a couple of months (A- and B-side) and we want to find the perfect imperfect person to make a music video (in total 2 videos, different movie makers).

We're not asking for hightechsnobbery, we want a passionate humorist who loves sound and lives in flow mode and furthermore isn't afraid to try something completely different. Mind you, we will have opinions and we will give you a few images and/or ideas to incorporate into the video. We may or may not chose more than two movie makers. Because we love diversity!

If you're interested we'd like you to send a link to your favorite song + a link to your best video to see if you "vibe" with our sound. If you do, we will in return send you either the A-side or the B-side after first meeting with you online.

  1. Decide if you are interested in making a video for a completely new sound from Sweden for a Records label called Spastic Records without the promise of fame or recognition. You will be mentioned by us and your name and website will be linked on our website that we're currently not paying attention to. We will however pay attention to you while you're working with us. More about that if we reply.
  2. Send a link to your favorite song to
  3. Send a link to a video you've made to
  4. Wait for a maximum of 14 days for a reply
  • Yes return e-mail = vibe! you'll be invited to a Google + hangout or Skype and we'll discuss the project, deadline, payment etc.
  • No return e-mail = no vibe. Sorry.

Life is insane. Thank you for your time!

// Mrs Who and her Spastic Crew
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