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Hi, my name is Anthony Thurman and currently I’m looking for a sound designer to do the sound design on an 18 minute animated short film entitled “The Depression of Detective Downs 2: On Depression’s Edge" (The first 9 minutes of the film don't require as much work as the last 9 minutes). I came across this website while searching online. Currently my funds are low and I don’t want to add sound effects myself because I need specialized attention regarding this film. I just don’t have the right ear for that sort of thing nor can I create my own sound effects.

The film is about a depressed cop and it deals a lot with mental illness including schizophrenia. The person I was going to originally use to do the sound design was a guy who owed me a favor in the past, but I haven’t been able to reach him lately due to his hectic schedule. My composer said she would do both the music and sound design for a lower price than she usually accepts since I’m low budget, but even though her combined total was a good deal for someone with the funds, I just don’t have it. Her total was $500 and she usually charges $1000 for each job. I just don’t have that kind of money on my low part-time pay. I’ve already put a lot of my own money into the film already. I’ll still use her to do the music, which should be a lot cheaper, but with other obligations I have to fulfill, I honestly just can’t afford that.

I’ve tried to see if I could collect donations from organizations since the film realistically deals with mental illness, but due to bylaws, none of them could use their money to sponsor projects. So I was wondering what someone would charge for an animated short film that’s 18 minutes. It’s important to me to get this film released and finished because I think it has a very important message. I’ve spent 4 years making it. If you need to know more about me or see trailers from the film, I’ve listed them below. This particular film is a sequel so I’ve even included a link to the original film below as well. On most of my projects I do most of the work—which includes all the animating. It’s very low budget in terms of money being spent on these films, so I honestly just don’t have much to give.

I can definitely give film credit and promise to add your name to the IMDb listing once it's shown in festivals. The first 'Detective Downs' film won several awards, aired in 98 cities across the United States on major networks on the series "African American Short Films", and it helped many families struggling with mental illness. I think this one is even better than the first, so being a part of this film may mean having your work heard in a potential award-winning film that's appreciated and seen by many people.

--Anthony Thurman

"The Depression of Detective Downs 2" Teaser Trailer:

"The Depression of Detective Downs 2" Full Trailer:

Anthony Thurman's IMDb Page:

The original ‘Detective Downs’ short film can be viewed on its IMDb page:
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Audio Engineer happy to Help

Audio Engineer happy to Help

Hi there Slider_alt,

not sure if im too late but anyway,

I'm and audio engineer, and I think I can help. Im trying to crack the industry myself and would love to help you out with all of your sound-post needs, apart from the composing but you have that sorted anyway.
I'm in the process of expanding my portfolio and would be willing to do this pro-bono.

you can check my other work here:

Just a few questions though; What would your time frame/deadline be to have this finished? What program will you be using for finishing?

Please feel free to contact me if you're interested.