Important Info for Film Students


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College students remember those few weeks before summer break as they sip coffee, poring over textbooks and papers one last time with tired eyes. The words “finals week” brings sweat to their brow and a shortness of breath. Now imagine all of this – on top of the words “one more take.”

Student film coverage is filled through the school, and coverage types are as diverse as the schools themselves. What happens when a costume gets torn beyond repair? What if the cameraman trips and drops valuable equipment? Student film production might not seem as grand as summer blockbusters, but they carry their own set of risks and accidents that might pop out of nowhere.

Student film coverage is varied and depends largely on the school’s policy. For example, Kelly Insurance Group’s has over 50 student film policies that offer coverage for wardrobe, third party damage, automobile liability, and general liability. Stunts, however, are an additional cost outside of the regular policy, and only productions in the US and Canada can qualify for insurance.

If you’re a student at a film school, look up your school’s insurance policy online, know what it will cover, and what you’ll have to do to apply for it. Finals week is stressful enough – don’t put yourself at risk for anything more than a blooper.