iMovie and 24p.

Mr. Jet

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I made a pretty whacky web series entitled Lance the Romance. I shot it on HV20, RODE VideoMic, did some last minute IKEA lighting, and I used iMovie 2009 on my Mac for a faster workflow (I actually just use Final Cut Pro for my features).

My question is, by using iMovie, am I getting the true 24p Canon HV20/30/40 delivers? Am I losing picture quality as well?

And if I were to send the finished iMovie edited video to a professional sound editor (or sound mixer), how would I do that on iMovie? Do I export it as a QuickTime file or something else?

I want season two to look better and sound better.

Anyway, here some examples from the webisodes (WARNING: it's R Rated and VERY RAUNCHY):