I'm a beginner and I want to know some information

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Hello, I'm actually in love in films and I'm looking forward to filmmaking but I have a lot of things that I don't know about film industry which I'd like you to help me in :

-If someone wrote a screenplay and would use it himself in directing his film. As an independent, how would everyone watch his film? Not as an independent, how would he project himself to a film production company? coinciding that he's living in a developing country that doesn't care about cinema or have such companies.

-Can this company give you the chance to direct your own script?

-How do American independent films go in box office?

-How would my work be considered as a 'film' internationally?

-I hear sometimes that a country has bought a script or a film, how's that? Can you sell it to a country\channel\company in the same time?

-How can you guarantee that your work has your copyrights and not going to be played with when publishing it?

-How do some actors\directors\screenwriters start their career in cinema with one big film directly without starting with an infamous film?

I'm sorry for being annoying and asking a lot of questions. I'm just a beginner as I said before.

Jared Isham

I would start by making some shorts. That is really a great place to get experience as well as exposure, especially with YouTube. If you post on YouTube or Vimeo or a similar site you are in essence creating an International Film. It really is about building a community to work with as @bgartistepa said.

When you are ready to make your big feature film, there are plenty of V.O.D sites you can post the film to or use email to contact companies that might be interested in your film. Piece together a trailer and start submitting it to distribution companies that you think might be interested. A lot of independent companies have their submission guidelines posted on their websites.


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So as I understand it independent films have an extremely hard time getting to the box office. Most times it has to go through extensive award wins at a lot of film festivals in order to get more and more attention. This most likely involves getting to Sundance, Tribeca, SXSW, etc. At the same time smaller companies can buy and distribute films. Obviously this won't involve making it to the box office but its a possibility and some of those actually do get quite a bit of attention.