If anyone is looking for a short or feature screenpla


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I'm new here. So basically testing the water(board).

I have been writing for about six years and decided to push in the direction of getting scripts made in 2008.

So far I have quite a few shorts in pre and post production in various countries/locations.

If anyone here is looking for a short (or feature) to work on, work with/partner on getting produced, please drop me a line.

Take a look at the listings on my site under screenplays. http://www.seansshack.com

Presently working on a horror/thriller that is a collection of 6-7 short movies. All tied together through story, characters etc + several short projects.


hi i'm interested in taking a feature screenplay of yours. I would like a sci-fi screenplay. Let me know if your interested at kjbotka@yahoo.com. thanks