Ideas to improve?


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Hello everybody! I'm new to the forum. Anyway a little background on myself...

I do some short film making on the side as a hobby. I'm a pilot and just enjoy sharing my experiences to the rest of the world. I'm looking on how to improve my short films that I post on YouTube. I know I don't have the best equipment and software, but you've got to start somewhere right.

I'm currently using:
-A Canon FS100
-Adobe Premiere Elements 7
-A slowwww....Dell Inspiron 700m Laptop (Looking to upgrade very soon)
1.6GHz Pentium M - 1 gb ram - a few hard drives, ect.
-Patience lol

I want to do a new short film next month when I go out to LA. Mostly centering on some multi-engine flying out of Van Nuys. Going to take some cool aerial shots and operational stuff. Some local Cali sites. idk

I'm working on improving on my stability and trying for a more professional movie like feel to my films. I'm thinking I'm going to buy one of those suction cup window mounts. My money is kind of tight, but I might be willing to add some more tools to the toolbox if they're not too expensive.

Any ideas or help would be appreciated!

Here are some of my past videos:

2009 Rewind:

Flying to Indianapolis, IN:

Mauilulu 2010:

Chicago, IL