(idea for a screenplay)"The Takoored and Lost book of Copernicus" (new fantasy novel


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(idea for a screenplay)"The Takoored and Lost book of Copernicus" (new fantasy novel

"The Takoored and Lost book of Copernicus" Authored by Simon Karpinski

I have a problem where to start, introducing his works... It's so vast. I'm surprised that this magnificent writer, does not yet have a thread of his own. I have read only samples of his poetry, so your input here is most appreciated. I've just been reading about how he popularises ancient Slavic and Prussian mythology, which sounds good to me. His novel is:
The Takoored and Lost book of Copernicus
( www.Takoored.com <- Official Web Site of this book )

Simon John Karpinski - was born to Ryszard Karpiński and Bożena Karpińska (Spyra)on 12 July 1990 in Braniewo (Poland). In 2010 gratuated from Technical of Construction. Four months later he emigrated to England and settled in Cheltenham(Gloucestershire) .Spurred him to writing, the motto of Napoleon Hill „What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve”

He is a young man who describes contemporary issues. In April 2011 he published fantasy book. “The Takoored and Lost book of Copernicus “ The book contains elements of magic, move in time, and others in the field of fantasy. All that is implicated in the historical thread of the old Prussian tribe in the current Polish territories. Mysterious character of the novel is famous for Nicolaus Copernicus who made a very important astronomical discoveries. Simon Karpinski describes in his novels, however the second important discovery of Copernicus. The secret is to travel in time, however, for personal reasons, Copernicus was unable to publish because he was a clergyman.

Another important reason which is worth reading this book is a hidden problem facing the world today. Very accurately shows the problem of commer******m that governs today's world, it is by this unhappy people.
More information can be obtained on the website( www.Takoored.com ) , which was a bibliography of my work.

Theme of Enslave

Communism-Commerce (John Kowalski – Frank Baker)
While the plot of „The Takoored and Lost book of Copernicus” does not explicitly revolve around enslave, the institution of enslave serves as a basis for much of the action of the novel.

Simon Karpinski compares the stories of John Kowalski to life by Frank Baker. The main character is enslaved by commer******m. He has no time for family and spends all the time his work. This is the same enslavement, as in the past John Kowalski. He had then run away from slavery,as threatened him death.

Theme of "happiness"
Finders the time - Explorer of happiness

"You will be immortal, if you fill the emptiness of life"

This is the sentence of the fiery spirit, addressed to Frank Baker.The author wanted to emphasize how important it is for human happiness.People should not immerse yourself in time because it will end.Only the continuous discovery of of happiness can give us the "Immortality".Therefore, any "emptiness of life" need to fill happiness.The author captures the two pillars of human:

Finders the time (People who want eternal life, although they do not know what life is really.)

Explorer of happiness(People who are capable of the worst moments, to appreciate happiness.An example is John Kowalski, whose whole life has appreciated the love and happiness of the family.He was enslaved by the communist system, had to flee the country because he was inmortal danger. All the time he discovered the happiness of the family.)

Fragments of past stories Kowalski

prison SB (communist security services)

They locked me in with the other captured. A small cell in the basement. We stayed there for about 15 people. There was even a convenient place to rest. Most of his fellow prisoners were terribly beaten. They were mentally tired of view of death. He sat with them 4 days. I also broke down mentally with the thought that no longer will never see the family. In such moments, even a man's heart breaks and begins to cry. When you are surrounded by a longing, sadness fear ... Your mind becomes wild. Turn away from all remaining alone in pain. Even the fellow prisoners are hostile and yet they feel the same. You do not see you when the surrounding reality. Then the man lost in the abyss of time, because thinking about death all the time. I was in a terrible state. ... But the door opened and they took me to the interrogation room. They tied me to a chair and began to beat. I thought that these are my last moments in life. I prayed all the time praying to God. Blood flooded my eyes, I saw enough. But left me in such a condition that I could say something. They started asking me. .... But I knew that this is impossible. I'd lost the greatest of human values and I would be one of them.