I need people to make a film in Los Angeles, CA, USA ASAP!

I want to produce a short drama concerning the recent civil unrest and the BLM movement in America. I am a Producer, not a Filmmaker or Actor, and this will happen fast if I can find cast, crew, and additional writers.
I'm also not a politician, so this will be a story about people and thier lives, not a political piece.

There is NO PAY. Secret life Productions will cover all unavoidable production cost without recompense, but 100% of the proceeds if any, will go to an educational charity for the underprivileged. I want passion, not profiteering, even from myself.

If you are in LA and are interested, let me know ASAP

Kay Luke
Director of Development
Secret Life Productions
No. The reemergence of Covid pretty much killed it for now.
But the truth is that it's not easy to find crew. Even paid crew. Everyone wants to be Quentin Tarantino or Spike Lee, but nobody wants to start as a PA or a Gaffer. For my current film, "Tell Me I'm Pretty" I ended up hiring a service production company that will crew the set.
I'm still looking for a few PA's for three weeks in Oct, and I'm willing to take on a first timer or two.
I harbor no "isms". Not even ageism!
I would certainly consider you. I actually need someone to be Assistant to the Script Supervisor as well as a couple general PAs.
If covid ever goes away I have a shoot scheduled in SoCal in the fall and another a few months later in Texas.

Kim Welch

Senior Member
Staff member
Let me know when. I am a hard-working serious get the job done at the best quality for the money kinda guy. I just need to know the dates and what you need. Love working on productions after working on set on the JFK movie and interviewing cinematographers on set as well as taking and producing a slew of workshops I feel pretty confident in almost any role but somethings like camera operator, gaffer, and sound I would probably not have close to the speed you want. I could get the job done just not budgetarily wise. Script Supervisor an general PA is no problem.