I need help with film look


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Hi, I'm making a satirical documentary for school using digital video, and I'm trying to decide whether to use windows movie maker 2 or adobe premiere 6.0...where I know a lot about WMM2 and some of adobe. Anyways I want to create a scene that has a old film look to it...you can find this effect with WMM2 but I was wondering how you can make this effect on adobe 6.0. Also can anyone tell me how to make clips fade in adobe as well? If anyone could help me with this I would be very thankful.


If you were able to get access to a MAC with Final Cut or even imovie, you'd be able to accomplish those effects pretty easily. Adobe should at least have a sepia tint, but I don't know if has the frame flicker effect or not? As for fading, you should be able to access any type of dissolve from your video transitions, and I know for sure Adobe has that, every app should at least have that transition, it's so frequently used. :)


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I use Adobe and there are a ton of great filters and what not that you should be able to do. THere are also quicktime plugins that give and old film look


yeah, i would use premiere, since i'm a premiere user anyways, windows movie maker to me is pretty watered down, but there are ways to get the flicker effect, the quicktime effect that was mentioned earlier, then just color correct for sepia tone, and you could also enhance the speed to give it the faster look for a slower frame speed.

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