I need assistance with camera choice for campiagn videos



a friends mother is running for mayor in her town. He has asked me about a good camera for under $1000 that they can use to shoot campaign video. I would like to get some input on what you guys would recommend. I am thinking a 3ccd model that uses a hard drive if possible. min-dv is ok too. They are not worried about audio (want to do voice over) for 30 second spots but i a mic input would be good.



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number one hard drive are only on consumer cameras so don't get that get minidv. Number two is that your going to need a lot more then $1000 to get a good 3ccd cam. Panasonic has some cheap 3ccd cams like the pvgs180 and stuff under 1000 or if you wan't to up it to a more professional 3ccd you could try to find a used xl1 or vx1000 for around that range or you could also buy a new gl1 for about 1900, but my suggestion is to rent a cam especially if it is just a one time campaign video.