I nearly killed myself making this 40 min. vampire flick


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I was the writer, director, producer, casting, editor, star, etc.. I was literaly working 23 hour days. I fainted several times. But I kept going, thinking it wouldn't matter if I died as long as I finished this project.
I used a GL-2, Glidecam V-8, Premiere 6.5, P4 Laptop and Kino lights. I can't believe it's now done. I just started broadcasting my movie in streaming video 30 days ago from my website

You'll need broadband and the RealOne Player to view.

Here's a few of the special-effects featured in the movie:
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Cool trailer. The slow-motion shot of the knight guy running forward looked cool. Glad to here you made it through the shoot alive, too.


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Hi Templar,

I watched the scene you posted in the cinematography section. It was very entertaining. Interesting punishment for the knight templar in the end :shock: Congratulations on completing your project :D

Kim Welch

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Hi Templar, It's been a long time. How are you? I visited your site and I guess you have changed it.