I just saw a video recommending FILMIC Pro

Olivia Perez

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Hello Kim Welch!
I have tried Filmic Pro in the past on my Samsung smartphone. Just like you, I have seen many experts recommending it because of its utility. The app was quite accessible, for only $15 it would offer many editing features. However, the difference between mobile and computer is huge and in my humble opinion, it is best to download your short videos and manually edit them in Adobe Premiere (or other software) on your computer. If this is not an option and you are travelling and only have your phone and you wish to quickly edit a video on the go, Filmic Pro is a good solution.

Maura B.

The Last Black Unicorn
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I attended a workshop in the autumn of 2019 which explained the benefits of using Filmic Pro for professionals. From what I have seen, the app enables you to unlock special features of your phone such as the frames per second, it offers a better way to calibrate the white balance and so on. I did not get to use it on my phone yet because I film with 3 cameras at once and it is faster to transfer all the files to a computer than to another phone. Maybe for those who film using only one camera, FIlmic Pro could come in handy.


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I heard only good things about Filmic Pro and I tried it too. I am having difficulties adapting to this type of editing because apps are different than the Adobe Premiere I am used with.