HVX200 or HD110?

Ivan Lee

New member
Hey guys, I´m graduating film school and I would like to spend about 5k on a camera.

I have been using the HD100 and some Sonys (Z1, V1 etc), and I really enjoy using the HD100... but I read some good things about the HVX200. One of my teachers won a festival with a film he made with a HVX200 (transfered to 35mm). Everyone thought the movie was made with a 16mm camera!

I would like also to buy a Mini35 and use some 35mm lenses, so I think the HD110 would be a better choice because of the interchangeable mount.



The HVX200 is a great camera, and a much improved version is coming out soon, also. The HVX200a. But I have worked with the JVC HD110 and love it, just as much. You can get a Letus adapter to put lenses on the HVX200, also. Many folks are getting great results with photography lenses on prosumer cameras, too!

Bear in mind HVX is tapeless, but DVCPRO-HD is a fantastic codec to work with. HD100 gives you tapes for archiving on cheaply, but the HDV codec can be a PITA to work with. There are pros and cons to each. No one can tell you which one is better. See if you can find a position as someone's assistant on a couple of jobs. One using the HVX, the other using the JVC. Or if you can borrow, or rent each to try out.

Selecting a camera is always a touch decision to make. Do as much homework as you can, and remember you're comparing two very outstanding cameras!

I think for a beginner, the HD100 will work best, but if you're willing to "learn" the camera's details, the HVX can be a super unit. Pros and Cons, Pros and Cons...