HVX and adaptor back focus question



I posted this in the digital cinematography forum but it probably belongs here better, sorry for the cross posting.

So I have an HVX question. I have been ACing for a couple years now and I'm starting to get more and more HD work these days after having done primarily film for the first several years. I'm pulling focus on a shoot coming up with a HVX, P+S mini35, and Super Speeds and I was wondering if there was anyway to lock the fixed lens' focus through the camera's menus or anything once I have it dialed in correctly. I was brought on to shoot at the last minute with this setup up a few months ago and the whole time I was paranoid and had the 2nd continually checking the back focus to make sure everything was sharp. On this shoot neither the DP, 2nd, or I knew much technically about the HVX so we ended up taping the fixed lens' focus down. Unfortunately, it did fall out of back focus once but because I had the 2nd checking all the time we caught it quick and nothing major had to be reshot. Paranoia pays. On the shoot I have coming up I have a little more time to get my business in order and was wondering if anyone did in fact know if you could lock to the back focus/fixed lens without resorting to good ol' fashion tape? Any advice would be much appreciated.


On the lens barrel is a control to set focus to auto, manual, or the infinity symbol, which is like a temporary auto button. Set it to manual, and the lens won't move unless some outside force moves it. Sounds like you did it right.