How to use interest/experience in film to appeal to College Admissions?


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Hi, I am currently a high school Junior hoping to pursue a career in film.
Because I am also currently starting the College process by looking at schools, I have started thinking about where to apply, and how to go about doing so.
I want to focus on film production (mostly directing) in college/university, so I was looking at various undergraduate film programs at Columbia, UCLA, etc.

So, here is my question:
How should I demonstrate my interest and experience in film production?
How do I appeal to them that this is my forte, and something I invest lots of time in?
Should I compile a director's reel? Send a short film? Write my essay about it?
I know admission officers spend little time reading each application, so I didn't know if they would even make the effort to watch materials I send.
How do I grab their attention?

Any thoughts and comments would be appreciated!