How to Identify Ideal Closed Captioning Service Provider for Your Projects?


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Closed captioning or subtitling is swiftly gaining popularity among organizations to drive substantial traffic to their marketing videos. They understand that quality traffic generation on to marketing content in turn helps them in quality lead generation. Captioning or subtitling marketing videos is one quick way to drive traffic and reach out to broader prospects.

Companies understand that creating closed captions is not a simple task and inaccurate subtitles or captions can hurt their marketing efforts very badly. This prompts them to look for caption service providers with certain qualities. Let us look at some of the factors that content owners consider while identifying ideal service providers for their captioning needs.

Closed Caption Accuracy:

The first and the most important factor that the companies, considering to invest in closed captioning, look for is the accuracy of captions. To createaccurate closed captions, the service providers should get their transcription right. Nowadays, a lot of service providers depend on automated tools to deliver final transcript for creating captions. This is one of the fastest means to create transcripts, but entirely depending on such automated tools can hurt caption quality really bad. The best transcription accuracy these tools give is not more than 95% while ideal accuracy is at least 98%. So, having qualified and highly experienced professionals is the only way to hit target accuracy.

Closed Caption Synchronization & Placement:

Another factor is accurate synchronization of closed captions to the visuals. Captions should appear exactly corresponding to the visual frames of the videos. The captions should also be placed properly without hindering the visuals. The captions should be easily readable and should not overlap.

Turnaround Time:

It is very important for the service providers to stick to the timelines. This is an essential factor people look while hiring caption service providers.

Security & Confidentiality:

Organizations would definitely want their content to be secure. Organizations enter into a confidentiality agreement with the service providers.

These are some of the key factors to be considered while zeroing in on an ideal captioning service partner.
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