How to get free exposure and be seen by productions looking for hire



I worked as a fixer, or local producer, for british production companies coming over from the UK. There were times where they would actually pay people to come from London to Los Angeles, because they couldn't reach people, or vet them, or find people willing to work for the right price. This is just one small example of why I've done what I've done.

This isn't quite an ad. It's a notice, a way to let young up and coming crew, talent, office, art department - that they now have platform, to be in a database that allows a production to get to know you within seconds, and have it be based on location. Too many times, a production needs a PA in downtown in 20 minutes, or need an additional AC1 in Vegas tomorrow, and productions are short handed, while talented or qualified crew are all around them ready for work. I made a free tool for people to connect, and hopefully the moderators on this lovely forum (wink wink) will allow me to spread this word here. Everything is absolutely free, and it's working already. The app is called "CallSheet", and it's in apple store now (android is coming soon). I hope everyone will take a look, make a free profile, and be connected to what hopefully becomes the industry standard for finding new crew, talent and beyond, world wide.

I'm happy to answer any questions, anytime.

Here's the direct link to the app :

Jeff - Developer :cool:
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