How to build your own OTT Platform to stream your movies online?


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If you want to create a streaming website like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, or YouTube, don’t focus on content, nor try to repeat the success of large online video companies. Instead, build a great online tech company that distributes video content online.

Main Strategy for Film Distribution:
  • Bidding War At A Film Festival (Traditional Method)
  • Sell Movie to Streaming Platform (Current Trend)

Key Features of OTT Solution Providers
Research indicates that the video streaming market will be worth $70.5 billion by 2021.

To get a foothold in that market, you need a powerful OTT solution provider with the following features:

  1. Enhanced security
  2. Powerful CMS for organizing content
  3. Advanced monetization tools
  4. On Cloud Premises
  5. Video APIs
  6. Technical support
  7. Pricing

Searching for the perfect OTT solution can be a bit intimidating, especially since there are so many important features involved. Build OTT Video Platform from global services provider to give you a good idea of what each solution is like, what they have to offer, and how much they cost for your business customization.
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