How does an Actor maintain motivation when regularly rejected?


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How does an Actor maintain motivation when regularly rejected?

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Many actors were rejected early on that went on to do very well. One of the most famous is Lucille Ball. She was not only rejected she was told she could not act and she should get a different career. I think the director even told her mother that she could not act. She was a megastar. Keep doing what you dream of doing.

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Rejection is something we stumble upon in every industry. Many famous actors have been rejected many times before they became famous. After they became famous, the wheel turned and they were the ones rejecting job offers, not the other way around.
In every industry, it is hard when you are just starting, because you lack experience and recommendations. Even if you are very talented, it is very hard to get noticed. It's a hustle and you need to grind it until you make it. Your motivation should be your end goal, when you know your value, you must also know that it is just a matter of time until someone else will notice you.

If you have watched Game of Thrones, you might have notice Peter Dinklage playing Tyrion Lannister. Well...this is his story:

I hope this can help you with your motivation!