How do I make Edelkrone animation


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Hi, I'm Sadiq,
I've been interested in and doing videography for a few years - one of my favourite brand in this field is Edelkrone. I haven't used its products much but for a little time I used them, I liked the quality of them. Currently I'm studying 3D Motion Design to improve my videography and video editing skills. I thought a lot about what my first project should be, I had to choose a project that wouldn't be boring when I'm working on it and it should have a rather simple models so I don't have much difficulty working on it.
Then I decided on making animations of Edelkrone's products because that I like that brand and their models aren't that much complex.
I'm sending some of the animations that aren't complete yet.

I hope it is interesting to you as well. I will keep you updated for changes.