How Branding Can Drive the success of Your Marketing?

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Hi Baris,

What a great topic! I think that branding is an essential element of marketing activities. I am learning more about branding every day. The buzz words we hear most in our business are "name branding" and "name recognition."

As far as "How Branding Can Drive the Success of Your Marketing," I think that branding is an integral part of your marketing and also has its own "marketing" focus. It's not really separate. It's like calling the chicken's wing a wing, but it's still part of the chicken. We are talking about everything from the beginning to the end of the customer's experience with your name and products. If the chicken analogy holds up, which I think it does for this, you would say you have the wing; then there is the dermis, the muscle, the tendons, the bone, and even the microscopic cells, cell structure, and so on. Chicken meat is also different if it's been frozen, by the way.

In other words, all marketing activity includes your brand, and there are many levels and variables to consider but to keep it simple this morning, some activities are focused more on immediate sales versus branding, which promotes long-term sales. For example, you can do direct advertising, which is intended to generate a sale; however, that does little for your branding. Then on the other end of the spectrum, you can set up a scholarship for smart underprivileged children that would not generate an immediate sales cycle but will strengthen your brand name and long term sales volume for generations.

There is a book called Tested Methods in Advertising written by John Caples that I recommend. Additional things to consider are customer life cycles, product development, frequency, market reach, and having an integrated approach with multiple touchpoints. Before you start thinking about those, you have to nail down who your customers are, their demographic, and the best appeal.

I am interested in hearing what others think.
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A good brand has value. The absence of branding directly impacts the value of your final product. For example, why do people purchase clothes from Prada? Why does the devil wear Prada and pays a lot for those clothes and not for the ones done by your neighbors corner shop? Why do you use RED cameras and not some brand you never heard of? Branding.

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Branding is extremely important if you wish to reach certain heights. In the movie industry, good examples of branding can be found in The Game of Thrones TV Show or The Mandalorian. We can compare them to other TV shows that are less popular because they do not have good branding and marketing.


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I wouldn't really start anything without a good brand to back it up. It's the best way to have real impact on the audience you are aiming to be recognized as a force. After you establish a brand it's also extremely important to qualify it if it's a site or domain. Imagine having a perfectly made website without it being seen by Google due to lack of authority. SEO is a great tool, but most agencies out there tend to misuse it and instead of following the Google E-A-T principles when creating content they simply rely on sloppy practices that usually get penalized by the index.
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