House of Cards with Kevin Spacey

Kim Welch

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I just watched the first episode and it was excellent. Great camera work style and Kevin is completely awesome.

"Production of this original Netflix series is virtually unique for the extraordinary creative freedom permitted filmmakers to write/direct/produce without undue supervision or second-guessing, major factor that drew Oscar nominees like David Fincher to the project.
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Netflix online company's second original production for online streaming following Lilyhammer.
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Production was based in a 300,000+ Sq. Ft. Warehouse in the fashion Industrial District in Joppa, MD. The set is actually part of an older Macy's Distribution Center, and all the driving scenes were performed in a Green Screen Room, which served as a refrigerator for Fur Coats. Inside the building the following sets can be found: Oval House, The Underwood Home (Upper Lower and Main levels), House of Congress, Various State Representative's offices, South Carolina Governors Office, various plush hotel suites. " IMDB