Horror Short Proposal Finally Done


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I have been working for the past few months to get the project I am working on as far as I could get. I am now at the point to where I need to start looking for funding, I have a proposal finished but don't really know where to start with it. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

"Little Alice & Abner is a gripping thriller of a short film written by Terence L. Washington & Arvie
Lowe, Jr, Producing the film is Joseph Morris of Twisted Monkey Studios in association with
Hartecor Industries, LLC. Little Alice & Abner is about two young unsuspecting teens who learn that there's a dark side
to the twins they're baby sitting when a friendly game of hide & see turns deadly and imaginary friends become real. The
purpose of this outline is show any potential investors or producers the progress of the project as well as a timeline of
events that will aid from conception to completion of the film."