Horror Films wanted for TV Screening - NO FEE



MovieScreams Horror Fest is now open for submissions. We are seeking short horror films and trailers from independent filmmakers. This is a Public Access Television series. Featuring horror movies. Airing Sundays at Midnight. Comcast Cable channel 24 - People TV in Atlanta, GA. Inspired by the passion of independent filmmaking! MovieScreams, features short horror films by those brave enough to grab a video camera and make their own movies. Any film between 1-30 minutes will classify as a short. This is not a contest so no entry fee is involved. There is no deadline.

Submitting a horror film to the MovieScreams! Horror Fest is free. Simply email us the video link to your film, along with the title and synopsis. If selected it will show up in the list of films on the main page of our website. We promote the horror film genre and provide a platform for filmmakers to screen their work. Film festivals have always been very supportive of alternative and fringe indies. Unfortunately, the horror genre often get left out of festival programs. How will we discover the next Peter Jackson if festivals do not support young filmmakers who create fantastic visions?

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