Homeless Short Film - Make A Change


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I don't know if it's elements driving the emotional content of your short, or because your short reminds me of how everyone goes through honest struggles (maybe a small combination of both) but either way watching for the message got me a little watery-eyed.

When viewing short films, I like watching for the story elements that by book definition make it a complete story. Character change did take place for the main character. But, there wasn't a conflict or struggle before resolution; and if this existed for both main characters, this could have possibly helped to push the emotional content even further.

Amazing that you were able to put this together in just one day. Enjoyed watching your short. Thank you so much for sharing!



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Thank you so much Jody. Ideally I would of loved to have passers avoid the character as he walked up to them but that would of been hard to get. But yeah, I shot that whole film in 2 hours and thought of most of the idea on the day, I was very lucky.

Im glad you enjoyed the message, thanks again