Hollywood Fringe Festival [Film] Seeks Submissions


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We are pleased to announce that we are currently accepting film submissions for the Hollywood Fringe Festival [Film] 2012.

The Fringe [Film] is an opportunity for both, established and emerging filmmakers to exhibit their work in a festival environment in heart of Hollywood, Ca. We strive to attain eclectic, experimental, and bold new work that pushes the medium of the film medium. The Fringe [Film] 2012 will run from June 14 - June 24 and each submission will have the opportunity to be screened 3 times during the run of the event, varying based upon total submissions, submission length, genre, etc. Each of the selected films will be screened within converted theatrical spaces or storefronts around Hollywood, CA.

What are we looking for? Requirements?
The Fringe [Film] seeks to attain films from around the world from established and emerging filmmakers with emphasis placed on works that haven't received main stream industry attention and, each day, we intend to showcase a different category of film. Films do not need to be LA/US/World premiers in order to participate. Film submissions are not limited to live action and thus can be animation, claymation, stop motion, C.G.I., etc. Films are not required to be a particular length as we will be separating between short films and feature length. Filmmakers are not required to be present at the screenings in order for their work to be an eligible participant.

All web series/television series/etc. will automatically be disqualified from participation. Ex: Any film that requires viewers to see the rest of the film online/on television/make a purchase will not be allowed participation.

Deadline for applications?
All artists have until midnight, May 11th, PST, to complete their submissions process in order to be eligible to have their work screened in the H.F.F.[F.].

For more information about the Hollywood Fringe Festival [Film] and the application process, go to:

Aaron Saldana
Asst. Curator; Stage Manager
Hollywood Fringe Festival [Film]