Holland Film Festival is open for submissions


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Holland Film Festival celebrates modern film and video.
All genres and styles are welcome, as long as they don't exceed 50 minutes.
The Festival takes place in Bergen Holland. Bergen is a beautiful village known for its painters, poets, writers and other artists. It is a green village near the sea and it is near Amsterdam and the Hague. Bergen is the home town of many film and TV personalities, directors, writers and producers.

Submit your film
Or you can send your files or vimeo-link to info@hollandfilmfestival.nl

We offer screenings, workshops and a market.
  • Fiction
  • Documentary
  • Animation
  • Experimental
  • Thriller
  • Science fiction
  • Young filmmakers. For filmmakers from 11-14 and 14-21
    The Festival starts at the longest day of the year. We accept all genres, al long as they don’t exceed 50 minutes.
    Ultra short < 1 min, very short, < 5 min. Rather short < 10 min. Short < 50 min.
    We also have a first time filmmaker / student category.