Hiring a director



How does one go about hiring a director for a low-budget feature?

Obviously, you would want someone who has some experience: several short films; at least 1 feature; some commercials; etc.

If you post an ad to a site like Craigslist or Showbizjobs, etc... you're going to get every "wannabe" in the world applying and perhaps no experienced directors would even be scanning those sites.

Is there a better solution?


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you sign up at IMBD pro.... and you have all the numbers and names of people who directed everyone around you etc.

thats what everyone in da bizzzzz does lol


14$ a month though, but if you are serious about film production it pays it self off.

Dan Selakovich

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It's a good idea to have someone that has directed a feature. As far as the politics of a set is concerned, shorts and features are 2 different worlds. You don't want a director that angers crew members out of ignorance of the process (see project greenlight, season 2!).