Hiring a director



How does one go about hiring a director for a low-budget feature?

Obviously, you would want someone who has some experience: several short films; at least 1 feature; some commercials; etc.

If you post an ad to a site like Craigslist or Showbizjobs, etc... you're going to get every "wannabe" in the world applying and perhaps no experienced directors would even be scanning those sites.

Is there a better solution?

Dan Selakovich

New member
Why don't you shoot me an e-mail off forum, and I can probably point you in the right direction once I know more details about your project.

Kim Welch

Senior Member
Staff member
Post in our classifieds!

Post in our classifieds!


If you want to get help with things like this you can post free in our classifieds. we haev a large number of pros as you can see from people in our forums answering questions like Dan does and there are new comers that are very talented.

we usually include links to posts in our newsletter and they shwo on the front page and forums page if you are in the top ten most recent posts.