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Hey there everyone. Its great to find such a good information source for someone like myself. Im a total rookie. This summer I am filming the fishing on my boat and creating Webisodes for a free Webtv show called 'northernhookers'. I have two Gopro2 cams and I am looking for a low end production cam and two body mics. Havent figured out which one to get for my needs yet. I dont need something crazy for experienced people. I just want something that records decent wide angle shots and also night time capabilities. I want to set the ISO and what not so I can take video of the aurora borealis here and sunrises to edit into my show.
I would appreciate anyones help in this as I dont know where to begin and dont want to buy something and not have the right functional abilities.
I was looking at these.

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Rich Topham was talking about these at the sound workshop. I think he was saying they are good. He will be doing a sound workshop at our booth at NAB this year. You should stop by.