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Okay, so I graduated and got my BA in film and it's been 9 months now and I'm feeling very discouraged about myself right now. All my friends are working in the industry, such as PA work on tv shows and I can't for the life of me find any work. I look around every day and send out resumes, cover letters and never do i get a peep from these places.

I remember back in school the excitement around me going to classes and always being involved in projects. I have not been involved in film since graduation and it's killing me. I don't know what do, and how to get started with something.

If anyone here can lend me some advice and throw some motivation back at me to get me back in the game. Thanks.

Bob Kessler

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Do every freebee you can, for a start. It keeps you involved and keeps your "chops" up. You also meet other up-and-coming filmmakers who may need your services on a paying gig. Another reason is that you build your network. I met one of my favorite clients working on a community film project. She has tossed a lot of work my way and recommended me to many others

Sending out resumes, etc., is only part of your marketing campaign; you have to go to meet & greets, and screenings with their after-parties . Ten minutes of talking with a potential client can sell you much faster than a brilliant resume.


Your Uncle Bob is right. A good place to look is on under lo/no pay.

Another thing is to take jobs based on the skills you'll get out of them. Don't worry about money yet. Have a 10 year plan such as "In ten years, I want to be a director" then start working on the skills that you'll need.

Here's a sample career path for directing (this is mine by the way) -- Start as a small television station photojournalist. Learn the art of shooting with pressure and hand held techniques. Move into the promotions department to learn editing. Switch jobs and get into a production facility to get a deeper reel. Direct local stage plays. Work on your reel by shooting indie shorts. Enter contests and win awards. Move into a better production facility. Shoot high-end corporate and do post work in commercials. Make contacts at ad agencies. Start directing local and regional commercials. Keep making a better reel. Contact agents and high end commercial production houses. Get representation. Start directing high-end commercials...

Eventually make lots of money- make a great indie with name talent (self financed) Give the agent something to work with- land a movie of the week... etc.


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Thank you

Thank you

Thank you Uncle Bob, Kurt and Lovinfilms for these excellent and practical ideas. Never knew about until now. Thanks again!
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