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I'm using a Canon HF20, and recently I realized a significant difference between shooting from close up, completely zoomed out, and shooting from far away and zoomed in.
The subject is the same size in both cases but the amount of detail in the background is different. In the first case, it captures everything in the background and its very distracting. In the second case, since its zoomed in, the background becomes blurred and less things are in the frame.

I like the way the second method looks a lot better, because in the first method the background is always too detailed and takes attention away from the subject.
I also noticed that the second method looked a lot closer visually to regular movies and short films shot by professional cameras.
The only problem is that with the second method, I need to stand far away from the action (because its zoomed in) and I would like it if I didn't have to stand so far, because obviously I run into limitations if filming in a room or other enclosed space.

Are there any lenses I can purchase to achieve the same look without zooming in and standing so far away?


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you'll find a variety of lenses on sites like bandHphoto. The strength in many cameras today is interchangable lenses that control depth of ield better than a stocker lens can.

Romuald Martin

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You are talking of Depth of Field which is affected by factors such as the camera you own, level of lighting/aperture, lens, and focal distance. Depending of your camera design only buying lens may not solve the whole problem.

The peasant look of soft-focusing the background while keeping sharp the main element in the composition also may be obtained through special adapters combined with prime lens (fix lens) such as: Letus, Brevis Cinevate, and Redrock M2 adapters.

The use of these systems requires practice to obtain the desired results. You may find more information about DOF here: Understanding Depth of Field.

Hope this help.