HELP: Showdowns for Multiplots


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how's your showdown ideas coming along?

my two cents is it depends on your beginning and middle.

well, one way that it doesn't have to 'depend' necessarily - speaking in brainstorming phases - the fact that you have showdowns probably means you really like seeing these in gangster stories, and you like "good" ones. what elements, actions, and emotions would you want to see in multiple showdowns?

Hi! I've wrote a thread a few months ago entitled "Catalysts for Multiplots" or something like that. Through a lot of thinking and brainstorming, and of course help from you guys, I've thought of a brilliant way to start my screenplay.

Now... I need a brilliant way to end it. Here's the basic idea of my screenplay, "Lives of Crime".

Four gangsters across the nation must choose between their loved ones and their dangerous criminal life, having to make deadly decisions and sacrifices.

As this film is a multiplot, the four different gangsters don't know each other at all. They have no relation, except that all of them face the same dilemma.

Basically, I'm on pg. 80 of my screenplay now. This gets to the point where Gangster A decides to spend more time with his family instead of killing, smuggling, and doing all that dirty crime with his boss, who is also a New York crime lord. Showdown ideas please?

Gangster B is a female assassin sent to kill a detective in Denver. They fall in love and decide to abandon their work. We get to the point now where her boss, Vincent, finds out about her relationship with the detective. Showdown ideas please?

Gangster C, or should I say Crime Lord C, is an Italian-American mafia boss. His mother is dying, and he is the most wanted man in the state of Illinois. He decides to begin a new project involving smuggling drugs from Laos to the States. His mother hates the work his son is involved in. We get to the point where he forgets about his mother and his mother's sickness is worsening. Showdown ideas please?

Finally, Gangster D is a corrupt cop. He helps a crime lord get information from the police force. His best friend, however, is the police force's boss. He must choose between the two. Showdown ideas please?